About cassy

I fell in love with photography many years ago and I can’t remember a time the camera was not a part of my life. My Grandma never came to any family event…big or small with out her camera. The joy it brought her to capture all of us was so beautiful. She is no longer here to capture those moments she loved so much, but passed down that passion. I am mom of 2 handsome boys that inspire me every day. Seeing them play, laugh, joke, and even argue made me realize that I did not want to forget a moment of their lives. They will never be that size, with that exact smile, liking those same things ever again. Through photography your story will be told and remembered. Whether it be your brand newborn love, your little walker, a special family moment, a life accomplishment or maybe its a time that you want to be all about you {because you deserve to feel amazing too!}. I say every year that I am going to pick a speciality to focus on, but I just can't! I truly love it all and I strive to show that love in every image.

I live in Snohomish, Washington where I am also lucky enough to have my photography studio only a few miles from home. I love shooting at my studio and have some beautiful on-location go to spots that are my favorite.

Contact me today to learn to chat about what I can capture for you!